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Fmm... The official art (full body) really does get better per GBA game, doesn't it... At least, quality-wise, no doubt Seima>>Rekka>>Fuin.

Originally Posted by Sety View Post
And a bonus Hector.
...Iya... Sorry, I just remembered how
Spoiler for Fuin:

and laughed.
Then again, Lilina also died, so I don't know squat about her character.

Lyn's though is pretty blatantly Rath.
Lyn + Rath = That guy with squinty eyes?


Conclusion: Lyn + Rather isn't good

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Well if you did the Goeffrey support in PoR then in RD him and Elincia end up together >_> I mean what the hell is that During all PoR it's suggest an Elincia and Ike pairing and in the end Goeffrey the Gaufrette end up with her O_o When Ike has done so many thing for her ? And her in the end she end up with the other man >8< There is no justice in this game ...
That's right... You couldn't really freely set up couples in the Wii/GC FEs, could you, since the epilogues are not designed like the GBA games.
Still, Geoffery (to make sure, the guy who looked like an older Ephraim?)? The guy who was worth his Brave Lance got? BA-KA-NA! Has to be a joke...
Personally, Mia/Wayu x Ike was better for me though.

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