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@s07195 As its name implies, the RoutesClear variable tracks the number of routes completed in the game (though I'm not sure if this requires getting the "good" endings for them). All of the later routes in the game only become accessible once a certain number of routes have been cleared by the player. A quick rundown (as far as I have come to understand) is as follows:

The player starts out with access to only three routes: Alien, Time Traveler, and Esper. Each of these routes must be played through twice (once for the main route, and once for its subroute) before it is considered cleared by the game.

Once the player has cleared those three routes, s/he gains access to Divine Route (also known as God Route). After that comes Cooperation Route, then True Route, and then, assuming the player can find it (and trust me, unless you've memorized the flowcharts or something, you'll have a hell of a time doing so), Hijack Route.

Only after clearing Hijack does the player have the ability to unlock the FINAL ending (note, however, that clearing Hijack does not do this automatically), which is apparently an alternate ending for True Route, and is the canon ending.

Additionally, there are three Bad End routes which one can get (and an additional bonus Bad End in the demo), but do not count towards the RoutesCleared variable.

So yeah. That's your needlessly indepth explanation on the structure of the routes in the game from someone not even involved in making it (I spend way too much time on this thread ). Hope that helps!

(Also, sorry if I'm stepping on any toes, Kaisos.)
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