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Originally Posted by DragoZERO View Post
Sorry guys, but even if she was stronger, I don't see a very good use for her power other than replacing heaters and coolers. But then again, they stretch the limits with a person's power so who knows what she could do. *shrugs*
If you think about it, her powers can evolve from just maintaining a certain power, it can evolve like crazy should she ever level up from 1 to say...3. What could she possibly do at that stage? Well there are many things, maybe she can actually heat up things and then cool them down at a accelerated rate. Imagine how dangerous that would be if she used that on a person(Though I doubt she would considering her character).

Like many others, I too believe Misaka was a put it in simple terms in Kiyama's words back during the Level Upper Arc

Even if you are a level 5, in the end, you are just a princess that doesn't know anything about the real world

I think back on this when I watched the sceen between Kiyama and Misaka dealign with the children
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