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Originally Posted by WarpObscura View Post
What are the official romanisations (not the dubnames, but the ones used in the Japanese supplementaries) for Arf, Amy and Zafira supposed to be? I'm looking at a copy of the Battle of Aces Official Guide, released (as you might expect) this year 2010, and it has them three rendered as Alph, Eimy (lolwut?) and Zafila.
Oh thats just the language barrier...

Lets see if I can explain this.

Arf, Amy, and Zafira those were their official names even before the dub but because the letters in the Japanese alphabet is pronounced differently the letters used to pronounce these names will also be different.

For example "Zafira" The Japanese language has no "L" sound so they use "R" sounds to spell or pronounce a word with "L" in it. What makes this a problem is when someone is using the Japanese language to pronounce a word with an actual "R" in it you can't really tell if they are trying to use a "L" or "R"

The link below has more detail on the topic.
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