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Originally Posted by immblueversion View Post
You sure this isn't the Mangagamer version of Higurashi? Because that's what this seems like to me.
I think Leafsnail is pointing to Ryukishi with the "obscure mystery VN writer"... At least the background style is the same as Higurashi. This is either a promise for some more answers, or he is contradicting himself. Or EP7 was supposed to be the answer page.

Maybe Ryukishi is trolling us with EP8 ending, and the implied Umineko Rei turns out to be Umineko "Kai". I hope this Rei would be an addition to Tsubasa and bundled together with the extra TIPS in a DVD case, it's CD case looks out of place with the bigger editions. Well, an answer arc would be great, but it's not the most important thing to happen (and I haven't read EP8 yet). At least it would calm the fanbase down to some degree and not leave a bitter aftertaste lessening the total enjoyment of the series, and another focused Umineko episode is always nice to get in contrast to short stories in Tsubasa (which weren't bad at all, I might add).
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