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Originally Posted by Ronove View Post
Overall, loved the game. However, I never actually read the first parts (only snipits from the forums), but I loved the Chiru season. It's really an inspirational romance story for me, even with that odd ending.

However, I have questions, if someone may like to answer; knowing the truth as well:

1) First twilight of EP2; Shkanontrice really did just stab all 6 adults and stuff them with candy? Hard to imagine how that would plan out (unless I'm misinterpreting something here)

2) EP3 can be explained with Shkanontrice, so how Maria and Rosa really got murdered? Or was it accidental?

3) EP3 - Can it also be Eva?

4) EP5~6 - So, Erika is really just a corpse that may/may not be real or not. Prior to chiru, her unknown existence didn't even affect the story, or did it?
Keep in mind that even Will's solutions only tell you the basic trick, and you're ... more or less free to fill in the holes with ... whatever works for you.

1.) One of those "fill in the blanks yourself" scenarios. There only thing making it an "impossible murder" was the lol-locked chapel door. Maybe it was Yasu. I myself think it was Rosa, actually. Maybe Kyrie started some shit like in EP7, but was killed in the middle of it, and Yasu+Rosa worked around it for the sake of the "fake murder mystery plan". /shrug

2.) Will's solution pretty explicitly says "Eva killed them". Rosa and Maria are pretty much the only people Eva ALMOST DEFINITELY killed in EP3.

3.) As I said - EP3 only really REQUIRES Eva to have killed Rosa + Maria to make sense, but it can just as well be Eva for the whole thing. This is one of many places where Will uses a Shkanon solution where it technically wasn't necessary - though in order to keep completely with Will's solution, while you can still blame the majority of EP3 on Eva, you have to work around Shkanon-trice shenanigans.

Long response short, "Yes, EP3 can just be Eva".

4.) I ... don't know about that one, conclusively. Erika's existence is a pretty cruel trick about the definition of a "person" versus "human" in this series, as the number of people, and the number of names people can have/use, has been of the red truth's most contentious areas, and different people have drawn different conclusions.

Prior to Chiru, she CAN'T have any effect on the story because she didn't even exist yet. During Chiru ... well, I certainly have my own theory, but your guess is as good as mine. I'm sure the answer is teased in EP6's cheese-slicing and coin-to-cup riddles during the family's dinner.
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