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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Speaking of "balance" with a fighting game by mentioning battles against the CPU is completely irrevelant. What matters the most in the game would rather be the balance of the roster when 2 players are facing each other, factoring seemly the same skill level.
Also, Jessica is hardly close to god tier: she can packs a punch, but she is terribly slow, with a painful short range and is quite vulnerable to low hits, despite her reversal tools.
However, Kanon and Lucifer are indeed dominating completely the other characters, due to the combos they can dish out with various different approach, with an excellent melee range and speed.

The game needs more balance in its pacing and the possibilities in approaching the opponent due to characters distinctions (the fact they made the air guard possible will be a life saver, since it allow people not to be afraid of jump meta trap or anti air being a tad overwhelming).
I also think Eva-Beatrice is dominating along with Kanon and Lucifer. First, she has a air grab (punish jumps ftw?), she has a air dash in a game where air movement is restricted as heck, lightnig normals, good damage and even better with her ability. She has a braindead 6C overhead that crossups if done close to the opponent (and not in a corner.) Did I mention her normals were fast as heck? I can punish Battler's 2B with Eva's 2C. Ridiculous. She's the kind of character that can work without depending on meter (unlike Siesta, Beatrice and Virgilia), so pairing up with them is a good idea to build meter really fast.

Pretty godly, in my book.
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