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Originally Posted by Searcher View Post
Did I say that the japanese people are shallow? No.
I just meant the young japanese girls may find it easiers to indentify with rukia, because rukia looks more like a japanese.
Shallow - it means that a person is more attracted to someone based solely on the outside, you know, looks. So yes, by saying because Rukia looks more japanese, the japanese like her more than Orihime means that they're shallow.....but that was playful banter so w/e.

Originally Posted by Searcher View Post
When did I say anything about rukia's personalities? Nowhere!
I know you didn't say anything about her personality, that's why I put it in my post. The way you said Rukia is more popular in Japan is probably because she looks japanese, without mention a single thing about her personality and traits in comparison to Orihime's and thus adding that to the list of possibilities to why she is more popular than Orhime, instead of just the "because she looks japanese" thing. That's all, srry for the run on.

Originally Posted by Searcher View Post
How does rukia outshine Orihime? Isn't Orihime honorable, has strength and has respectable qualities, the same as rukia.
To me both of them are the same.
Imo Rukia has been the better, but opinions will always clash!
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