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When it comes to Nanaka's mums actions, I think a big point about it is perspective. If I try to put myself into her shoes then it is hard to see exactly what she did so wrong that warrants a beating to death. Not that I agree with any form of violence.

So here is a list of crimes against humanity performed by Nanaka's mum in order of time.
1. Adultery
2. Lying to cover up Nanaka's real dad and crime 1.
3. Verbally attacking back

I won't include letting the bio dad teach Nanaka violin as the real dad seemed to be part of that decision too.

My take on each crime...

1. If we look at the evidence we are told that she slept with violin man before she got married. Now we don't know was this a one night stand, or were they both competing for her etc etc. So we don't know if it really was adultery, just that it was before they got married.

2. I can't really fault a parent who is willing to lie to protect the life of their child. Nanaka's dad's actions show to me that she was right in predicting that he would want to abort. If bio dad wasn't just a number one sucky f***y a**e then none of this would have happened. Lying to cover up her adulterous act is dependant on crime 1 being a crime, but if that was the number one thing on her mind then she should have fessed up earlier (like before they got married) then later.

3. I already covered that in my earlier post. We don't get to see how she was responding earlier, we just get to see her defiant after copping a blow to the face. But from the way Nanaka's dad acted when bio bastard relived himself, during the funeral and finally with his brother. I would say that he had already let the green beast take over his soul. Hulk get mad Hulk SMASH!!!!!!

So do you see from my POV, the show hasn't shown me anything to show Nanaka's mum being really bad.

I think the writers are using a trick that some interviewers are very fond of that leaves scenarios opened ended and tests the interviewees response on it.

I just realised that crime 1 can never be counted as adultery as they need to be married for that to happen , what is the word for adultery before you get married?
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