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Originally Posted by grey_moon View Post
So do you see from my POV, the show hasn't shown me anything to show Nanaka's mum being really bad.

I think the writers are using a trick that some interviewers are very fond of that leaves scenarios opened ended and tests the interviewees response on it.
In matter of hours Nanaka's father discovered:
1) he wasn't her real father.
2) his wife made a fool out of him lying for years.
3) She made a fool out of him again making him believing the music sensei was just a sensei while he was Nanaka's real father.
4) She wasn't even sorry and she had the nerve to say she wanted Nanaka to inherit her bio father traits.

I think there is enough to drive mad anyone. Of course this doesn't change anything about the crime commited by Nanaka's father: an assassination is an assassination so he should have been punished accordingly if he would have survived, as I've said.
To sum it up: I'm very sad for Nanaka, that poor girl was the only true victim of her mother's bitchness, her father madness and her biological father selfishness.
I'm not sad at all for her parents, her mother in particular. I really liked the time-skip: Nanaka became such a beautiful woman!
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