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The #1 most comparable anime here is probably Berserk. Berserk is a lot like Claymore--dark, a medieval setting with monsters/fantastic elements, extremely epic, and completely hooked into the emotional struggles of the characters. It's a real classic. The anime is basically a flashback arc, the manga continues it and is still being serialized.

Another great one is Blue Gender. You could compare the two main characters to Clare and Raki, and it gets really epic. It's also complete. Watch a couple of episodes and you'll see quickly how it resembles Claymore.

With Claymore I really like how while they all get viewed as monsters to such an extent they start believing that themselves that you see the human nature and find them
Both of these anime have exactly this theme. Well, Blue Gender might be more about "lost humanity" than "inhumanity", but it feels similar.
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