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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by Xacual View Post
Offtopic: MxO is a constant complaint but let's be honest, the plot had stagnated for a while and it was no longer doing good in the polls so it got the axe. A lot of people that complain about MxO probably never read it on a week to week basis.
But it looked like it was just about to become good again!

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you know. i almost feel sorry for Houjou. He actually seems like a decent guy.
I suppose, but there's a fundamental weakness in him, where he's easily pushed into doing bad stuff.

i hope those girls get humiliated later though. seriously, why would you hit yourself just because someone told you off?
They saw a weakness (his delinquent appearance), and they pounced. Generally, people in Iris Zero are not nice.

Though I don't approve of taking it out on Toru, I can see Tokita's point. Society's reliance on Iris can really suck.
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