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I have a theory that Tobi is a good guy, and his plan is to bring peace to the world by making the 5 nations to unite together using the 4th ninja war...

interesting od Madara to mention infinite Tsuki hmm

Oonoki should've passed out from chakra exhaustion ages ago .. Gaara as well for that matter .. Tsunade released the seal and Raikage tanked the teleport .. Mei seems to have the least damage, Black Zetsu couldn't have worn her out THAT much (lol ^^)

Madara should rape .. then again, Kishi can always justify it took 5 kages to kill him

but a good chapter, Naruto didn't dissapoint in the last ~2-3 months

How would they use Hiraishin against Tobi ? It takes ages for 3 fodders to do it lol .. also I think Minato was only able to hit him with it (and rasengan) because Tobi was trying to absorb him in that instant .. if Tobi's just purely defending he can react even to Hiraishin and phase in time .. besides he has experience with it now from the Minato fight

shame noone seems to have thought to teach Naruto FTG

akso, younger Madara looked like Sasuke there
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