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Emily is so annoying and hypocritical "You're deceiving people!! You only think about yourself" to Grudech, and yet "Flit is getting further away from me..." Selfish much?. She's like the female Suzaku Kururugi, hopefully she stays away from any mechs.

I really hate Dique, his character design is so eww..i can accept Flit/Emily/Declil/Yurin/everyone's designs, but not Dique. Hilarious that Muttsurini (Baka to Test) is voicing him.

Grudech = Win. Seriously this guy is so awesome, he gets shit done and isn't afraid of the consequences, but we still don't know all about him or the UE that he found out last episode. Woolf = Ono Daisuke sniffing is LOL.

Decil and Yurin are the same somehow (Newtypes? EDEN???). He reminded me of Nena Trinity at first, but his voice reminds me of Illyasviel from the Fate/ series especially the last thing he said to Flit "if you even stay alive" definite Illya vibes there.
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