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I agree. I never said that Cagalli is indecisive about everything. My focus is that the noble families can just bypass her authority. That’s the problem.
But that's a problem with any form of government where power is not held by one person alone, like a monarchy. And even then, a weak king can be usurped or influenced and be a puppet.
It’s related to ORB’s 3 laws/ways of life. If the government is stable enough (for Cagalli at least), the alliance won’t happen and ORB will remain neutral even though there are pressure from the Atlantic Fed and the photos from Phantom Pain.
A change in foreign policy still doesn't mean an unstable government. And it's only natural (no pun intended) for there to be people in the government with different ideas of how to run the government even with Orb's ideals.
It did. One example, if Cagalli was in ORB sooner, she could smack Yuna before (or just after) he made those ridiculous Djibril’s-not-here announcement, capture that mofo, fix things up with another announcement and relieve ORB from all those foolishness caused by Yuna.
No, Cagalli's kidnapping did not make a dent because the alliance with the AF happened before the kidnapping.

As for whether the situation would be better had Cagalli returned sooner, that would depend on her state of mind. It's certain, however, that the Cagalli who was kidnapped would not do any better had Kira just returned her like that. She would've just gone on with the marriage with Yuna.
Concerning the military, I’m not talking about a full-fledged rebellion here. When the admirals and other high-ranking military officers doubt and even show some anger to their government’s action, It’s ‘clash’ enough for me. That government X military ‘clash’ , plus a supreme ruler family protecting a terrorist, and letting a fool took (highest) command to me are also enough signs of deterioration. Still, I can understand if we have different views about that kinda ‘clash’ and deterioration in a government.
People will always have different opinions. As long as the military still obeys the government, it's still fine as far as I'm concerned.
A strong, superpower and intelligent country that has complex government system easily led by a fool and a coward with no dignity is not enough example of a lacking script?
That "fool" is only one person out of a group of people within the government with the same political agenda.

And that's the problem with your argument. You're so fixated on Yuna that you ignore the whole Seiran family and other people within Orb that share the same viewpoint.

Look at the United States, where we have Republicans and Democrats and other political parties. Just because these parties may differ in certain agendas, it doesn't mean the government is deteriorating. And one "foolish" senator/president/representative is not going to undue the fact that the United States is quite a strong country overnight.

In other words, in an attempt to show that SEED and Destiny tend to simplify certain real-life issues (which they do, as this is a fictional story), you took it to the extreme by oversimplifying the situation with Orb's government. And then you "turn around" and find fault with its oversimplification when it's your analysis of it that is oversimplified.

Like I said, the script may not be perfect (but then, most aren't), but they're not as bad as you're making it out to be. And it's certainly not flawed simply because someone like Yuna has some power in a fictional country.
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