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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
Even if Cagalli didn’t have absolute power, does that makes it okay to just ignore her and makes decision on their own? She’s supposed to be the leader of ORB, right?
Power is shared, remember? If Cagalli lacks enough support, then it will be tough to have it her way.
Just like what I said to winter45, until someone can tell me for sure, whether The 3 Laws are just Uzumi’s own ideals or actually the foundation principles of the country, our view of ORB’s ‘stable’ government will never met since you apparently only view those laws as just someone’s ideals while I view it in a greater concept.
No, I view them as part of Orb's principle, but that doesn't mean things can't change or that everybody will follow that principle strictly.
With Cagalli being there in ORB (married or not), after Durandall’s broadcast revealing LOGOS as the true terrorist, I’m sure she’ll never let Djibril set his foot on ORB unlike the other coward noble families who can only smile and welcoming a public enemy number 1 to their home. That actually will add some amount of credibility to ORB’s government even though they’re still part of the alliance, just like Earth Alliance military and rebels who joined forces with ZAFT to battle LOGOS.
That still won't matter if the Seirans hid Djibril from her.
I’m not fixated to Yuna, I mention him a lot since his foolishness stood out. Yuna’s foolishness is cartoonish and over the top. If you want to compare it to the RL situation, maybe it’s like Bush saying that Guantanamo facility does not exist at all when he was still president, while evidences said otherwise. That would be total BS.
Well, a lot of people seem to think Bush's actions were BS anyway (justified or not), so it's not like it can't happen in real life.
I’m not even trying to oversimplify things. That’s what was shown in the show without including other media. First, we knew that ORB is powerful country with techno advancement. Rich & prosper, of course. It’s a (supposedly) neutral country (kinda like Switzerland). They say Cagalli is the leader of ORB, but we never given any clue of how much power/authority does she has compared to Prime Minister Unato Seiran and other members of noble families. Then, there’s Yuna who is the son of Unato and Cagalli’s fiancee. What does that make him in the chain of command? It’s not very clear. And from there, our problem begins in defining ORB government and Cagalli's capacity as a leader.
Cagalli's capacity as a leader is the same as any leader within a shared government. The more support she has, the easier she will have to make certain policies.
You apparently see it as a messed-up government due to the progress of the plot/story and that it’s intentional and therefore OK. On the other hand, I view it as not a very good writing and a lacking script which function is to provide Cagalli, Shinn, Athrun, Kira, etc with internal conflict with the enemies. That makes ORB issues not a very good plot device. If we can’t agree on this, let’s just say we agree to disagree.
Except all you have for saying the script is lacking is that someone like Yuna is in the government. And that's a pretty shallow reasoning.

It just seems to me that, for you, if a situation isn't the way you think it should be, it must be lacking or flawed.
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