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I didn’t argue about the lack of support for Cagalli, not at all. My gripe is the execution of ORB agreeing with the alliance behind Cagalli’s back without further consultation. Uzumi is Chief Representative, remember? And Cagalli has the same position in Destiny. So, her voice is very important for the ORB’s decision-making. Yet, Unato and the others just ignored her and play hey-lets-sign-this-contract-by-ourselves-and-that-Chief-can-go-to-her-room.
I think it's more like if the US Congress passes a law, the President can try to veto it, but the Congress can still overturn that veto.

So it goes back to whether there are enough people in the government who is against the alliance. Even Uzumi had his supporters. So, no, Cagalli alone can't oppose the alliance if the majority of the government decided on it.

The 3 Laws of ORB is very much like Pancasila in my country in which it will never change as long as Indonesia still stand. It has 5 points instead of 3, and they contains our most basic principles in managing a country. You can say that it’s the foundation of the laws of Indonesia. I can’t compare this issue with other nations beside mine since I don’t know whether they have this kinda principle or not.
Well, I don't know if that's the case with Orb. But even with Indonesia, I don't think you can say that the government have always uphold the Pancasila.
Yeah, that will get ugly. By the time the evidence of Djibril-is-in-ORB came, at least Cagalli can immediately give order to capture Djibril and at the same time reveal the traitor family while explaining the situation properly to Durandal’s faction.
I don't think Cagalli would order an arrest of one of the noble families unless she has proof. And I don't think ZAFT is going to wait before they attack.
I won’t argue that the more support for Cagalli, the easier her work would be. What I need is the anime to deliver more details about it to make it absolutely clear, not you (no offense) or any other media. For example, in Batman Begins, it’s properly explained how Bruce Wayne was able to take back his company after its shares went public. Before that happens, his authority as just a usual shareholder is clearly defined. The script in Destiny didn’t do that to Cagalli.
Maybe not, but then again, we know from SEED that there are more than one factions on Orb. And not even the chief representative could control everything. That part should be clear.
Yuna is a confusing character. We don’t know his rank and his actual authority. Yes, he was considered as Cagalli’s (Chief Representative) husband. Then again, you don’t see Michelle Obama leading a Navy fleet or ordering generals and admirals do you?
Yuna's authority comes from being a Seiran, not from being Cagalli's fiancee.
No, there’s one example in Destiny where situation turned the way I like it but I still blame the script for poor execution. That would be Lacus & co survived the night ambush from a group of SWAT-like coordinators. I mean, how come they pull it off almost without a scratch when the only ones who have weapons at that time are Murrue & Andrew against a trained assassin coordinator group with auto-machine guns, silencers, bulletproof vests and night-scopes? How stupid can those assassins be? Like I said, I like the results that none of my fave charas are hurt but it’s still poorly written.
To be fair, I didn't say you have to like/dislike the result. I said, if the sittuation is not how you think it should be. In this case, you think the assassins should get at least a hit, even if you don't like to see your favorite characters getting hurt.
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