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Well you guys are having quite discussion that I don't want to be dragged into lol.

So, I'm going to change the subject. After watching Gundam Seed Destiny for the 3rd time Shin Asuka isn't a a very appealing character (at least to me). During one of Shinn's "sad moments" it was really difficult to cry with him internally or sympathize. Unlike Kira, Athrun, Cagalli, Lacus, and the other characters "sad moments" in the Gundan Seed and Destiny it was far easier to sympathize with them in their grievances.

However, in Shinn's case all I can see is a mouthy, ungrateful, impulsive, and vengeful brat. He's definitely not suited for being a soldier. Unfortunately, that perspective has not changed even after I watched the series for the 3rd. Hilariously enough, I only liked him in episode 50... when it was all over. (Bad characterization I guess).

Although I agree with you guys that the anime script is flawed when it deals with the governments like ORB. For example the lack of providing reasonable background.

Yunas Seiran had backing from his father and their faction in ORB, not to mention the EA. Cagalli's father had quite the backbone, if he could withstand pressure from EA and ZAFT. I'm guessing all the reasonable voices in ORB died when they blew up the mass driver in Gundam Seed.

P.S. I always noticed this everytime I re-watch Gundam Seed Destiny, but they have recycled quite a few scenes from Gundam Seed. Also, I hate it how nobody told Shinn that he killed Captain Todaka, I really wanted to see his reaction and remorse. Oh well... it was nostalgic to watch this series again.

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