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Not sure if GGO is really directly comparable to CoD. Sure both are shooters using real weapons, but GGO is definitely not a realistic shooter like Call of Duty or Battlefield, what with it featuring energy blades and boss monsters, so I'm not sure they would quite be direct competitors like CoD vs Battlefield.

And speaking of Battlefield, Battlefield 8 is released in 2024, featuring maps ranging in size from buildings to city blocks to entire cities. Featuring over 1000 weapons and 150 vehicles, including light vehicles, APCs, IFVs, tanks, artillery, helicopters, fighters, bombers, attack aircraft and more, with some large maps supporting thousands of players in massive army-on-army battles.
Sounds awesome. I also imagine there are territorial conquest, taking cities, dangerous A.I support, etc. Really, "Chronicles of the Amusphere" seem like an interesting possible compilation of fanfics exploring how the Amusphere would affect the world of gaming, outside Japan.

Or online lectures via Amusphere. Live Lectures.

Could I propose an SAO Technology discussion thread?
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