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Has anyone done anything with Coper yet from First Day? If not I am going to unofficially claim this scenario as I am going to do a "What If" plot with him. Nothing is concrete yet but I am feeling a little creative and since I love MMO games this anime has me really interested more than usual.

Basically the plot will be that instead of trying to MPK Kirito he decides to stick with him after they finish the quest. I will be writing this from Coper's POV and focus will be on mostly RPG elements with medium exposition and character development. I will try going into more of the game aspect of SAO regarding player skills, weapon skills, items, equipment acquisition, weapon/armor enhancement and the like. There will be some combat, but since most of the time they are grinding on trash/quest mobs it will only be highly detailed when the situation is serious business.

Hopefully I can write/type enough to do at least 3-4 chapters per floor but that # is still tentative. Right now my plan is to do Floor 1 and 2. I'll try to get a chapter done in a few days as a intro/prologue of sorts. Basically First Day from Coper's POV.
Nope, it's a very interesting scenario where Coper sticks to Kirito. However I think we might have to also see the beginning of the Beta issue.

in addition, have you read Aria, Rondo and Monochrome Concerto? I think it's very much essential.

Now, if you want to mock Kirito's tendecies to attract girls, what if Coper was a rather masculine looking girl instead? In other words a Bifauxen. Indeed, it could be played as a major character point to built that character around, and a commentary of how true females in MMOs tend to be treated differently. Just an idea, but there's not very much to build Coper's character on.

Of course, a male centric team dynamics is probably more out of the norm in SAO and hence, fresh. I think one issue is that we see few examples of Kirito interacting with males his age, until Alicizaton.

Finally, you might want to consider how you are going to work in Klein, Asuna (unless you wish to kill her off screen, which could have happened had Aria proceeded differently, which is likely) ,Egil, and even Silica, Sacchi and the Black Cats, should Kirito run into them. Alternatively, you might opt for a cast of Oc's which is a more challenging prospect than simply having the original character cast coming into play.

There's a lot of potential for this to be a full length SAO divergence fic where Kirito or someone next to him makes very different choices, hence derailing the plot.

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