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Originally Posted by novalysis View Post
There are other angles one could explore the SAO world through. Such as the consequence of the Amusphere on Gaming, Business, Communications, Engineering, etc, etc..... that's a very big, very rich fuel of possibilities.

To me, SAO is all about an intelligent young man and a formidable young woman falling in love with one another in a Civilization close to a technological Singularity. And both of them are at the thick of the events surrounding that momentous point of human history. Ignore this second aspect, and SAO is nothing but a cheapen Romance with a Sci-fi veneer in my view - a good romance, but not a unique one (I'm talking outside the LN and Anime medium here.)

The Near Singularity aspects to SAO is very interesting fanfic potential.

The other are all the delicious For Want of a Nail Aincrad scenarios.
Exactly my friend, you guys have it covered, and canon's pretty damn well covered. I have nothing to add, so I'll just sit back and enjoy the show.
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