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Originally Posted by Deofiro View Post
Can I discuss crossover stories here cause I posted one awhile back but haven't updated it in a while because I cannot think of a proper goal to aim for.

Any comment on it helps
Heh, this is a quite interesting and promising crossover...keep at it

Originally Posted by styr View Post
The first chapter to my story, which branches out from the First Day side story and involves Coper teaming up with Kirito instead of betraying him, is roughly ~65% done with 5800 words. Finishing it up and then proofreading it will take a couple more days. Hopefully, it'll be ready to go by next Tuesday.

My current plan is to do ~5 chapters per floor. For now, only the first and second floor is being considered. I may do more though if I can keep the ideas flowing.

Lastly, I still haven't decided on a name for my story yet.
5 chapters per floor?
Isn't that going to be a bit...tough? Or are you going to skip "unknown" floors?

I'm also working on a fic, actually, I've had the basic plot written down ever since I read the first two volumes of SAO
The characters will be the ones I used to enter the SAO avatar design contest, and a few more in the future.

But for now, I'll just leave. Still need to check it for mistakes.
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