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If the player deaths were expanded upon - perhaps if the series showed scenes of the player dying in reality shortly after their in-game death - then perhaps there would be greater animosity.
Yeah, I think this is exactly why the story didn't focus on this, even though many viewers kept asking questions about it at the time (and some to this day consider it a fault that the anime didn't go there at the time). If you take the entirety of the anime, there's a really ambivalent message there about what Kayaba created; it's along the lines of "technology can be used for evil, but that doesn't itself make it evil". It drove some people crazy that they didn't show Kirito or anyone be absolutely infuriated at him, but it was like the show was saying that the enigma was deeper than what anger would solve.

I think I've said before that one of the things I like best about this story is the interesting questions it poses, even though it doesn't necessarily answer them all in a complete or totally-satisfactory way. I'm not sure all the questions asked have totally satisfactory answers anyway -- just like what to make of Kayaba.
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