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Hmmm .. it was a while since this thread was active, but well, it doesnīt matter I guess. Kayaba, one of SAO's most interesting chars, with a personality and motives that were, more or less, left unexplained, either to let the readers figure the rest out, or just unexplained because of the author's time-lack!

From what we have seen so far, we can point out different conclusions, however despite the results we have to admit, that Kayaba was never meant to be the villain to be hated, but the one to be admired and questioned.
Spoiler for Comparison to Naruto:
Why? Well, it is all about the motives and the a way a char is introduced. It is a bit lame to assume that Kayaba did everything, forgetting the motives. When talking about the introduction of Kayaba, it is also obvious, that the story focuses on his mysterious personality and great accomplishments than the fact of him being a murderer.

Now to the point of the thread, how did Kayaba think? Well, there is no sure answer and I doubt there will ever be unless the author decides to write a side story explaining everything, however, from what have occurred so far, I personally can think of a scenario. Kayaba, obviously had his own dream of that floating castle, of a world that he could control and of rules that he created himself. That death was part of the game, isnīt really that hard to understand. A genius like him would never be satisfied with a lame a game, but a real world, something that couldnīt be created without death, as a possibility. Kayaba's dream wasnīt to create a game but a world where he could ensure justice. SAO was after all very fair, with rules supporting the players in one way or another. SAO was never meant to be a punishment. It was meant to be a an existing world where people actually had to live like they would normally. It is not a new game but a new life. Why were the players forced there? Well, humans have never really had the choice of where to be born and death was always a must for every human. These are the simple rules of life and as SAO was a world and not a game, same rules would logically apply but this time with Kayaba as a ruler.

The point of him doing all that? Well, we never got the chance to know Kayaba's past and opinions about life, he may have felt that the real world is unfair and therefore wanted to create his own however, a more interesting theory is actually there, that Kayaba actually thought of humans as useless creatures who always followed the rules, set by the ones more powerful. Creatures that hardly fought but often gave up to the purposes set by god, a boss or a more powerful identity. Let's remember that Kayaba was a genius and therefore he may have thought of others as useless and. That's how he decided to create his world, SAO. A death game with fair rules. A game where accomplishing the goal require fighting for your life, fighting for the ones you love and fighting for your ideals. Kayaba smiled when Kirito killed him, during their last fight and there comes the theory: Kayaba may have created everything just to await someone to surpass the rules of his world! He was always there with the players, giving them the motive to resume fighting with the goal to turn against them in the end. Maybe, the whole point of the game was to break the game's rules. Break the rules of the world he created like he himself, broke the rules of the real world and created his own with a floating castle that ''couldnīt'' exist. Kayaba may have created everything to teach humans, that nothing is impossible and that some lame rules could never stop you from doing the the impossible. The whole thing may have been a plan from the start, the plan to introduce The Seed to the world, he was just waiting humanity to mature up and understand the point of ''you can surpass everything if you have the passion'' and SAO was the test where humanity had to grow up. The test where he awaited for a person who could work as a link between this genius and these pitful humans that never thought of surpassing the impossible. This person was basically Kirito. People died you say? Well, I doubt Kayaba cared, he thought of people who gave up as uselss afterall and therefore, he may have thought, they were more or less useless and deserved death since their existence wouldnīt matter anyhow.

Hmmm, when I think about it again, it just sounds logically to a genius to think like that with motives to mature up humans and the cost was ... well the death of some ''useless humans that gave up''

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