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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
The last part has absolutely no explanation even in the game. Actually the game only shows IW Ushio, not the "normal" Ushio in her sailor uniform.

The general and usual theory is that, the miracle was powerful enough that it manages to bring back "Original Ushio" who is the last piece that should be drifting into nothingness after her job done.
It is unclear why she was appearing there, but it is very likely that Fuuko is somewhat related to this phenomenon due to her astral experience "remotely" similar to "original Ushio" existence.
We know the Hidden World's version of Ushio needs to stay there because as she said, she is the world. And if she leaves, the world disappears. So that can't be the Ushio from the Hidden World.

By the way, she did drift into "nothingness" as shown outside the window when Tomoya held the newly born Ushio. Those blue lights were drifting upward. As the Ushio from the Hidden World said, her feelings became many lights and were shimmering.

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