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Got a chance to watch the trailer for the new season. Looks good as only 'gimik' can do it. Of course it's got it's little share of "fanservice". And you knew it was coming. Nothing like looking at all that fresh young girly-meat. Hahaha!!! I can't wait to start watching the series. Now I'll actually be watching from the beginning ep. by ep. Instead of a larger batch. And I just finished grabbing the entire series.

From what I got from the promo, since this is supposed to be a prequel, I'm assuming the events take place before the 2nd incarnation? Meaning the 'Eclair' we know now. While the older series presents a flashback that had to do with 'Eclair' losing her memories of before. I wonder if this story will have any ties to that. Of course they never really explain the "darkside" of 'Eclair' either. And that was another flashback she had to come to terms with in present day. So I guess our new heroes and heroines probably come inbetween those events. That's what I'm guessing from what I got out of the promo.
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