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Originally Posted by Dark Mage View Post
Why do you guys keep saying its following the UBW or Heavens Feel storyline? Isnt it more near to the FATE storyline? However I was very curious about this manga until now as I kept surching for the scanlated version after chapter 17 but I AM no Longer interested as it seems SABER vanishes at the end of every ending. Be it UBW,FATE or HEAVENS FEEL. I had no idea before as I didnt watch the anime but now I m so depressed as SABERxSHIRO just dont end up together despite loving each other. So it sucks. Please tell me anyone that I m wrong BCOZ I want to be wrong. Anyone have more optimistic views. They couldve let Saber live at least in one of the storyarcs. Are there NO HAPPY ENDINGS?
Rider's dead so there's no chance it's gonna be Heaven's Feel. Also Caster stabs Saber with a Rule Breaker and gain Shirou's command mantra that's why it's leaning to UBW route instead of Fate Route. Btw the manga can also make a new route by itself because I never read a route in which Assassin allows Berserker to get through and wreck the Ryuudouji temple.

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