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Translating chapter 36

Page 1

Archer: How regrettable.

Archer: You should have survived, at least.

<Either he is thinking they have survived or thinks that they didn't and wished they had...can't tell what's what since I don't have chap 35 sorry^^)

Rin: Archer!

Rin: Archer!

Page 2

(Rustling noise)

Rin: Shi...?

Shirou: Going down, Tohsaka?

Page 3

Rin: Shirou-kun!

Page 4

Shirou: It seems like Caster won't be chasing us.

Shirou: Honestly, we should be safe for now.

Shirou: We can’t win if we end up having to fight

Rin: W-wait! I said wait!

Shirou: Oi! Tohsaka!

Rin: Put me down. I can walk by myself!

Rin: ...Really now...

Page 5

Rin: Ah!

Shirou: You should rest. Don’t overwork yourself.

Shirou: That was one extremely, intense fight. Don’t you think so?

Shirou: Chouto
< just something they say like a sigh… or something…sorry I’m not that good with these kind of stuff…especially if it has anything to do with slang and other sounds they emit or say when eating, lifting, or anything close for that matter.>

Shirou: A little rest wouldn’t hurt. *

Rin: Emiya-kun…

Page 6

Rin: …Tsu! <Sneeze>

Shirou: You should wear that since it’s cold.

Page 7

Rin: Why…Emiya-kun.

Rin: Why are you here?

Rin: You’re no longer a part of the Holy Grail War.

Rin: And yet, you stubbornly came to such a place.

Rin: Always doing as you please.

Rin: If you made one wrong step. You could have died.

Page 8

Rin: Do you understand…?!

Shirou: Tohsaka.

Rin: Idiot.

Rin: Don’t look at my direction!

Rin: Dammit…I just can’t believe it.

Rin: For me to cry in front of a boy.

Page 9

Rin: Just for a while!

Rin: Please keep quite. *

Shirou: Ah…well

Shirou: Tohsaka.

Shirou: Do you still remember the catastrophe 10 years ago?

Page 10

Rin: Yes.

Rin: I remember the damage done by the previous Holy Grail War, the whole place was turned into a wasteland.

Shirou: My house was right in the middle when the disaster happened.

Shirou: Just about everything was burning.

Shirou: Naturally, I did not expect to live.

Shirou: However, I survived.

Shirou: My adopted Father, Kiritsugu, saved me.

Shirou: Up till now, I could never forget his face.

Kiritsugu: I’m glad, you’re still alive.

Shirou: He said that over and over again.

Page 11

Shirou: And I thought.

Shirou: I was able to learn more about life and death because of him.

Shirou: Like him, I wanted to use my life for the sake of others.

Shirou: And… be able to help someone in trouble.

Shirou: And laugh it off just as he did.

Page 12

Rin: You’ve got to be kidding.

Rin: You’re telling me you came back and risked your life for that reason alone?

Shirou: Are you laughing?

Rin: …No

Rin: I’m actually relieved

Rin: Although it was rather reckless, it was not at all foolish.

Shirou: I… Tohsaka *

Page 13

Shirou: If I see someone suffering or in danger, I can’t help but try to help them.

Shirou: Even if I wanted to, I just can’t abandon them.

Shirou: As for you? What would you do?

Rin: …Naturally!

Rin: It goes without saying. I have no intention to withdraw.

Shirou: Is that so?

Shirou: Then, if that’s the case.

Shirou: Will you cooperate with me?

Shirou: I’m inexperienced and still have a long way to go but I’m ready to learn.

Shirou: And to be honest, I can’t do this alone. So I’m asking you this as a favor.

Page 14

Shirou: But in your case.

Shirou: Not only are you an excellent magi but you’re a capable leader as well.

Shirou: That’s a fact. *

Shirou: Well…that’s what I think. *

Rin: You certainly took your time telling me your story…

Rin: You idiot!

Rin: Being strong, being weak why can’t you just say it and spit it out already!

Rin: If we’re going to cooperate and work together, I don’t ever want to hear such nonsense again. Got it!

Shirou: Tohsaka

Rin: That ends our conversation Emiya-kun.

Page 15

Rin: And to tell you the truth, that was what I had in mind from the start.

Rin: Anyway, you do owe me for saving you in the nick of time from Rider. Therefore…

Rin: From now on, you have to work hard to pay me back.

Shirou: Tohsaka!

Lancer: Huh.

Lancer: Finally. Are you two done yet?

Page 16

Lancer: Geez… You guys couldn’t make it any shorter.

Lancer: I was really getting tired of waiting for you two to shut up. I was literally about to fall asleep here.

Lancer: Well?

Rin+Shirou: Lancer!

Rin: Shit.

Page 17

Rin: Tonmadotokita! <Add cool spell name here...since all I could think of was Window to Oblivion>

Lancer: What the!

Lancer: Wait!

Lancer: Wait! Wait! Wait!

Lancer: I didn’t come here with the intention to kill you guys.

Page 18

Lancer: I came here to cooperate.

Rin: Wha-

Rin+Shirou: WHAT?!

Page 19

Lancer: In short.

Lancer: No matter how hard you think of the current situation. Four of them against one Servant is a big disadvantage. Don’t you agree?

Lancer: The same goes for you two.

Lancer: Therefore my Master thought it was best if we cooperate.

Lancer: Right now, I can no longer detect Caster’s presence in her workshop.

Lancer: My Master is searching for her whereabouts as we speak.

Lancer: So for the mean time we should stick together.

Page 20

Lancer: As for me, I’m going to take my nap.

Lancer: As they say. Good things come to those who wait.

Lancer: See ya.

Shirou: Really.

Page 21

Shirou: We are in one odd predicament.

Rin: It can’t be helped.

Rin: Still, Lancer’s cooperation is most welcomed.

Rin: With him on our side, victory is certain…

Rin: Nnngg…

Shirou: …What are you doing?

Page 22

Rin: What…Can’t you tell just by looking?

Rin: You know.

Rin: Honestly Emiya-kun, you have not received any proper training as a magi at all.

Rin: Now look here, a great amount of mana is stored within this jewel.

Rin: In our lineage the Tohsaka’s have the special ability to move and store mana.

Rin: Using the power that reside in our blood.

Rin: Everyday, we pour any excess mana we have accumulated into a jewel.

Rin: In one year, the jewel can release enough accumulated power to cut anything into shreds but we use it only in an emergency or as a last resort.

Rin: Like today for instance.

Page 23

Rin: So be ready…

Rin: Geez…

Rin: If possible, I should never have used that pendant.

Shirou: What do you mean?

Rin: It’s nothing.

Rin: Just talking to myself.

Shirou: But Tohsaka

Shirou: I can only use strengthening…

Rin: I have already taken that into consideration.

Rin: Now Emiya-kun.

Page 24

Rin: You can only use strengthening?

Shirou: Well kinda. Why?

Rin: As far as you know. Is that the only magic you can use?

Rin: For example, we can use magic thanks to our magical circuit. The number of circuits can vary. One can have two or more depending on the persons lineage.

Rin: The strength of these circuits differs for every magi. Strong for others but weak for some.

Rin: Emiya-kun, besides strengthening, is there any other magic you can use?

Page 25

Shirou: Well…

Shirou: I can use transfiguration and projection.

Shirou: But I stopped using it.

Shirou: Father said it was a waste of time. And projection takes more out of me in a day compared to using strengthening.

Rin: Is that so?

Rin: Indeed. Transfiguration only copies the outside appearance of an object.

Rin: Too much mana is required to create the object and the copy itself is of poorer quality than that of the original.

Rin: In other words using projection is useless.

Rin: Your father’s judgment was correct.

Rin: OK. I get it now.

Rin: If at least a little. Can you show me how you use strengthening?

Page 26

Rin: Simply hold your hands together and sit still.

Rin: Since strengthening is the only ability you are good at. The more you concentrate the better.

Shirou: Well.

Shirou: I’ll try.

Page 27

Rin: ………..

Rin: STOP!

Rin: That’s enough Emiya-kun.

Shirou: Tohsaka but…

Shirou: I still didn’t do anything…

Page 28

Rin: Your Strengthening is just as troublesome as before.

Rin: For now open your mouth.

Shirou: Eh?

Shirou: Like this?

Shirou: !!

Shirou: Uwa…!

Shirou: What is this!?

Shirou: Wait a minute. What the Hell did you make me eat!

Rin: It’s for your own good.

Rin: And.

Shirou: Food…?

Page 29

Shirou: Agh…!

Shirou: What the!?

Shirou: My body suddenly…

Rin: Emiya-kun

Rin: Your fundamentals are all wrong.

Rin: Each time you use your magic, you’re actually recreating the link you have with your magic circuit.

Rin: That is extremely dangerous.

Page 30

Rin: What you’re doing is completely suicidal.

Rin: The way you trigger your magic circuit. You should be thankful you’re still alive after all this time.

Rin: The jewel you just swallowed is currently activating the magic circuit inside your body and should correct the problem.

Rin: It’s drastic but it can’t be helped.

Rin: So endure it for awhile.

Shirou: Kuh…

Shirou: My connection.

Shirou: You’ve got to be kidding me…?

Rin: Now, now. It is perfectly safe.

Rin: Not like it’s enough to kill you or anything right?

Shirou: My chest feels tight

Rin: This is inhumane. Probably not enough to kill me she says. Then don’t try to feed this shit on me!

Page 31

Shirou: Now I have to endure all this! I never should have let my guard down!

Page 32

Kotomine: What?

Kotomine: There’s no one there…?

End of Chapter 36

Translation of chapter 37

Page: 1

Shirou: What the?

Shirou: Hmm.

Shirou: Uwa!

Shirou: What in the world is Tohsaka doing …!?

Page 2

Rin: Emiya-kun?

Rin: I’m coming in.

Shirou: Tohsaka!?

Shirou: I’m…not!!

Shirou: Well…uhm.

Shirou: Hey there, how’s it going…

Rin: Are you sick or something?

Rin: Because it seem to me you really don’t care when it’s time to get up?

Shirou: Yes…?

Page 3

(Back to back picture of Shirou and Archer)

Page 4

Rin: About the jewel I made you swallow yesterday?

Rin: Right now you are probably experiencing some changes in your body.

Rin: I guess it’s hard for you to get up, especially on the first day. Though I expected a lot more from you.

Shirou: You didn’t have to put it like that…!

(Real literal translation is that Rin’s words are piercing through him(or hurt)…so to speak…but I can’t think of a way to make it sound right…so…)

Rin: So how’s your physical condition?

Rin: Is there any part of you that doesn’t seem to function properly?

Shirou: Hmm…

Shirou: My body feels a bit hot but besides that.

Shirou: I feel fine.

Rin: Is that so?

Rin: In that case, you don’t need my especially made porridge.

Rin: So let’s go eat…

Rin: I already prepared a normal meal for us in the living room.

Any dialogue with (*) after it means I am not that sure and I can only try to translate it the best I can.

Please be reminded this translation is not the best or the most accurate. My Japanese is not all that great and my knowledge of Kanji sucks even more. As a whole I can usually get what they are trying to say but most of the time it is more on guess work on what they are TRULY trying to say. So this is more of a preview...rather than a real translation.

(Any corrections for any misinterpretation for my translation is most helpful.)

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