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Originally Posted by Kinny Riddle View Post
*Jaw drops*

Mio's moe meter has now gone...
Spoiler for CAPS and emoticon spam:

Mio already had a mass moe-appeal because of her personality from the manga, but Kyo-Ani somehow, whether intentionally or not, amplified it a hundred fold, without even having to make her OOC at all.

If their usual "critics" slaughter them for it, it'll probably mean they've done something right.

The part with Mio strangling Ricchan near the end somehow reminds me of Yomi-onee-chan from Ga-Rei turning to the Dark Side for some reason. *whistles*
I hope it's actual moe this episode. She was just the subject for moeness, since she sung the ED song. I don't really think she's as moe as Yui or Ui JUST yet.
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