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Originally Posted by kaito-kid View Post
No, not really. People are bitching about this as if Bleach is to good for Hollywood, it's not.
Erm, no we haven't actually. We said Hollywood would fuck it up even more, but we never said Bleach was good potential to begin with, so i don't know here you've got that from.

People can cry all they want about how Hollywood is bad, in the end most of the movies that you watch are produced by them. Only because they fucked up some great original story's doesn't mean they can't do anything good.

Hollywood is still a good industry, don't get distracted by the crap surrounding it.
That just doesn't make any sense. What does most films we see coming out of Hollywood make a difference? Even if Hollywood can make a decent adaption out of it, and even if they do mostly make good films, the likelyhood is still that they won't. Bleach much less well known compared to Dragonball and look how that turned out. Most adaptions from other media have a tendancy to bastardize the original material no matter what they do.

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