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Originally Posted by kaito-kid View Post
This is what I mean, there so little information about this project, don't know who is directing, don't know the writers, no idea about the cast, hell you don't even know if this is actually going to happen, but you have already decided that it's going to be like Dragonball Z because well..F*ck it's Hollywood! ...Just F*cking wait until there is more information. If they go with someone like Uwe Boll, then we'll bitch about it together.

Anyway, as i told earlier, Hollywood has f*ck'd up some really good stuff, but give them a chance. They produce a lot of good stuff that people actually watch. It is possible to make a good movie based on Bleach, so give them a chance.
We're not bitching. We're joking around. Key difference there.

We haven't decided anything. That's simply our expectations for now. No need to take everything so literally.
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