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Originally Posted by AuraTwilight View Post
Blonde hair, for starters, along with very Mary Sue-ish character traits. (Loved by everyone? In THIS fucking family? Yea right.)
Whaaat? You know as well as I do that Lion isn't any blonder than Eva is a natural ginger. And it's not really far-fetched for a kid like that to be well liked by almost everyone, since Battler, George, and Jessica ALSO share an amiable relationship with just about everyone. Like, the worst you get is Kyrie's Asumu issues when she's around Battler, but she apparently gets over it well enough to visit him with Ange, mentor him a bit, and casually discuss castrating his Rudolf.

Anyways, maybe I was a bit gung-ho with my thinking about Yasu's gender, just now, especially since I forgot that a wound was, at one point, mentioned. I was just thinking that we might've been oversimplifying things, as apparently there's just a whole plethora of gender identities, expressions, and physical situations that don't fit into what we think of as "male" and "female" very well at all. I also sort of prefer the theme in End / Dawn of "different memories and experiences = WHOLE DIFFERENT PERSON" to some derivation of smashed-up jumblies / brain damage, though I'll acknowledge that they arent mutually exclusive.

NOW I'm thinking that similar to "which persona is controlling dat body right now?" issues, that Ryukishi may not have even fully thought out what "what" of Yasu's gender issues, opting instead to present the general sentiment of "gender issues are present". Which I guess I can also accept. Especially since he pretty much stated in one interview that he "wasn't interested in hiking up her skirt" or something to that effect. What I most remember, though, was him saying something like "If she'd just told George the truth, he'd prolly have been cool with it, actually." C'est la vie.
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