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Originally Posted by Vocah View Post
Than it's your fucking own damn fault for being stupid to move your fucking hand near the fucking window while someone is fucking near you.

You know, you can read stuff without moving your hand over any buttons, and for the duel initiation and moving someones hand on "Yes" from what I read it seems the one to agree to a duel can decide what kind of duel it will be... even if this would not be the case you can simply move a few steps away from the other before accepting
One, if you have not heard about these type of incidents, how likely are you going to be super cautious when a duel request window suddenly pops up? It's your natural tendency to just click no right way when you want to refuse the duel and not back up 5 steps then do it.

Two, you don't know who or where the player is since you cannot see player names. When a duel window pops, you are going to actually first look around and move away from every one you see before clicking no? Most people are not that paranoid unless they have prior knowledge about these PK incidents. Besides, the Pker can choose a spot where you are standing clear of everyone and be hidden then request duel. Now you see no one close and trying to click no, and he gets you right there.

Three, it can even be another player (an accomplice of the PKer), then come from behind and move your arm to the no button when you are focused on the menu.

There are just too many ways this can be exploited for it to make sense.
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