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U mad?
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Are you for real? That poor little rabbit was killed and dropped some rare meat. That is fine, but why is the meat easily twice the size of the rabbit
As someone who cooks for himself, I wish I'd only need to tip some ingredients to cook...

Asuna scene was awesome, threaten Kirito with a kitchen knife, then threaten him with a sword skill

Quite a long time (1 minute) until the duel starts, but looking just at Cradil's sword you know it can easily break, what a difference in thickness between the upper and lower parts.
They did a pretty good job with the slow motion and conclusion, but just how did Asuna interfere with Cradil's attack? We know from Ep.5 that a winner message appears after the duel, interfering with a duel isn't 'fair'. The message appeared after Cradil teleported

Laughing Coffin is back, who will they kill next

74th boss <The Gleam Eyes>, 4 HP bars and what looks like a great sword. Since even grunt units can do sword skills, maybe the boss will have some boss only skills?
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