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After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks

That stupidity is causing this to happen.

Must Be an Election Year: Bullets Are Flying Off the Shelves

Read more:

Right now where I'm at in CO, you cannot get 5.56 mm NATO, 7.62x39mm (AK round), 7.62 mm NATO, 7.62x63mm (.30-06), .50 BMG, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, or 12 guage 00 buck unless you order it special and are willing to wait months.

FALs, ARs, AK clones (semi-auto look-a-likes), SKS, G3, and other semi-auto only rifles require months of waiting to get.

Magazine prices are skyrocketing.

I've been asking around to the numerous police (local and state, a few of which are inspectors and two are county sheriffs [Adams, and Weld]) that I know why they think people are buying up guns and ammo.

I have asked if they think it's hoarding?
Universal answer so far has been no.

Asked if they think people are sitting on them for their value to rise and resell?
Again ALL of them have said no.

When I asked what they think, their answers have been elusive.
Mostly I get this line.
"More people are training for combat then ever before, they're stocking food, medical supplies, and they're organizing in groups, why do you think that is?"

I get their point and it's scary as hell.
When I ask people at gun shows, Libertarian meetings, heck even in the grocery store where I live what they think of the UN treaty, lately I've been getting the same answer.

"The answer to 1984 is 1776."

Granted, these are just my observations over the past few years since Obama took office. But it's been hundreds of people in my community across a wide range of events, and a large spectrum of different people.

I sincerely hope Obama is wise enough to leave the 2nd amendment alone and not light a match under this already dangerously hot powder keg.
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