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Originally Posted by Neki Ecko View Post
And the stuff you are throwing out isnt great either, so which one is more important for you right now:

Global Warming (as of right now, Northeast is getting hammered by Snow right after Sandy did its thing) or Gun Control
The Norheast is supposed to be getting hammered by snow right now. It's fall. Doh!

Fiscal Cliff (If that doesnt get done, we will be worst off, then the U.S first went through this mess)
That is the number one issue right now, but I've yet to see Obama put forward a viable plan to address it. Spending isn't going to fix this problem.

Gun Control
When a fundamental right is threatening it is a very BIG deal and is a major issue.
Kinda of like abortion or gay marriage. Both are 4th, and 10th amendment rights (protection of person, no power granted by constitution shall be construed to deny a right...held by the people).
So yes, they are all important but the number one issue facing Obama should be fixing this economy.
He shouldn't even be talking about fantasies like AGW.
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