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Originally Posted by GundamFan0083 View Post
Debunked by who?
Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann, and Phil Jones?
The three stooges of the lie that is AGW?
No, Mike Lockwood, Peter Laut, Claus Froehlich, Terry Sloan, Benjamin Laken, Enric Pallé, and Hiroko Miyahara amongst others. All doctors, scientists and professors that look at every expanding and evolving data from all points of interest.

That being said, you've already fundamentally misunderstood Svensmark. He is not blaming the sun for Global Warming, but rather Cosmic Rays on cloud formation (even green house gases). And he is correct. But, he has so greatly exaggerated their importance as to create an almost groupthink mentality amongst global warming critics (who fundamentally do not understand his work).

As it is, Svensmark has a definite place in the scientific community since he helps to expand the understanding of the climate change that is occurring.

Additionally, Jan Esper has been debunked many times over the years as well. (That being said, I find it weird that you've cited two completely opposed scientists to state your beliefs.)

Originally Posted by GundamFan0083 View Post
I find it telling when the climate-freaks on the one hand scream for gun-control because people are dying but don't give a rat's ass that their green agenda will cause the deaths of millions due to starvation.
It doesn't surprise me that you would be a fan of Lyndon LaRouche.
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