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I would say this latest chapter actually makes it look less like a teacher route. Her expression and inner thoughts when considering about how close they were to being caught is starting to frame in her mind the question of her career. While she loves Keita, I believe she is now questioning if it worth the risk to her career.

My guess? Since it is good character development, she breaks it off with Keita and leaves him kinda devastated. A chance for him to grow up through heart break and his sisters to be there to comfort him through it.
I think this is likely too, although not necessarily due to career thoughts, but more of how she's literally "corrupting a youth" and "failing in her sacred duty as a teacher" ..

I mean she's not worrying about herself.. she's more feeling shame at being told she is a "great teacher" .. because frankly she's being a terrible role model.

We'll see, I mean if all that was left to happen was him graduating and them dating openly, it would already be: "Good End Get!" .. but obviously we all know it's not going to be that simple. He'll get heart broken, the story will continue to advance, albeit now with him being somewhat delinquent for a while and "Friend Route" and "Sister Route(s)" helping him along the way, with him skipping class for a while maybe .. A timeskip in the future perhaps with the now graduating Keita re-opening the viability of "Teacher Route" .. and cries of: "You broke his heart! You have no right to be by his side!"

Outlook is mixed
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