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It seems like Togane might be the polar opposite of Kamui. Togane has the highest CC on record while Kamui is invisible. Togane raises people's CC while Kamui lowers it.
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This was a great episode. Hopefully after the discussion between Kasei and Akane this episode people can shut up about plot-holes about why the Dominators still work and can start talking about who is Kamui and why doesn't Sybil even want him despite knowing of his existence.
From my point of view this dialogue just confirmed that Sibyl's reasoning is flawed and her actions are forced by plot requirements. The system's integrity was already compromised from the fact that 2 dominators in different locations were activated by the same person.

As an inspector, would you assume that:
a. Shisui is really in 2 places at the same time.
b. Sibyl is malfunctioning.
c. The dominators have been compromised.

I would think it is b or c, if not both. Instead of stubbornly clinging to the fact that Shisui's CC is low so everything is fine regardless if her eyeballs are 100 ft apart, the logical course of action would be to recognise the physical impossibility of what is happening and forcefully clean up as quickly and secretively as possible while covering everything up before people start catching on.

Now everything is in the open. The inspectors know what's going on and people are asking questions. There's a maniac blowing up civilians in killing sprees and attracting more attention to the case along with suspicion. The fact that dominators don't recognise Kamui is another impossibility that compromises the system.

If Sibyl was curious about Kamui, or had some kind of master plan, I would've given them the benefit of the doubt, but they just washed their hands of him and said take a gun and shoot him, which is what I've been saying all along.
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