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Originally Posted by dkellis View Post
In fact, the Cradle rose from underneath a sizeable layer of earth, upon which had grown a respectable forest.

300 years is a long time, but not, I think, that long. At least, not without some outside intervention.

Which also brings up the question of why it got abandoned in the first place. No more power source or something?
The king probably died, and the refugees buried the cradle because they couldn't use it any further (i can picture the king staying behind on belka, ordering the ship to carry refugees to safety)...
...Or the king ordered the cradle to be buried since it was an instrument of war, also a lost logia... And i think the belkans were quite fed up with both war and lost logias

Originally Posted by Kha View Post
Either that, or a systemic wipe from collective memory as they hated the Belka for the war. I used this as a basis for the Belka marginalization concepts as well as portaryals of racism in my works. Or so I think.
No one said that the war that destroyed belka didn't affect anyone else, perhaps other civilizations were also severely affected by the war (innocent bystanders, collateral damage), hence only little information would be left of ancient belka...
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