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Originally Posted by Estavali View Post
I would ask how anything less than 300 years can be considered ancient. For me, ancient = at least 1000 years.

Unless they are refering to how long the civilisation has been around, hmmm.
I thought it refered to the latter point. I've always envisioned the Ancient Belka to have existed much longer than the Midchilda, who were, I assumed, a recent melting pot of different races. Kinda like what America is now.

Makes sense after taking into account New Belka being part of Midchilda society, and then with the now vanished Old English Brittanica race made by USB, plus the various protocultures of European-descent X and I have been throwing around.

Originally Posted by SpaceBrotha View Post
The king probably died, and the refugees buried the cradle because they couldn't use it any further.

(i can picture the king staying behind on belka, ordering the ship to carry refugees to safety)...
[C2F]DING! We have a winner![/C2F]

This was exactly what I thought of Vivio's last stand during the "Planet Belk" days. Returning to a piece of the drawing board on Seven Swords, plus making a few adjustments for new data:

"Lost logia rampage" could be stemming from a crucial event where a Lost Logia was activated. I'm sure the cocoon of a Necron Star God, according to Lowe's brilliant work in that area, looks like a mighty weapon of war, something the vanquished Alhazredians called the "Eye of God". Activating that brought the Wanderer (an OC-created Star God for CrosyS) into the Nanohaverse for the first time. Only then did the AB realize that the Pariah gene, and the many Monoliths scattered throughout Megiddo, were all part of a long-coming plan by the Wanderer and his kind.

The Belka fought back, using whatever arsenal they had, even invoking Hammerdown Policy of nuking whole planets to pieces just to stop the Necronic advance. That alone when done in enough excess, especially if the Pariahs played up the Ancient Belka's tendencies to go overboard in purification, would be enough to swear everyone off conventionals.

And so the war drags out... And Seven Swords progresses...

In the end, the Belka won, at great cost. Having lured Wanderer to Capitalis Belka, Vivio and the last of the truely badass cleric-knights stood against the crush of the Pariah and their Necron allies as the Imperial Guard evacuated any civilian stragglers into the Cradle. The potent trap was laid at their feet, with themselves as bait.

The Cradle was to do Vivio's last command, to make a blind warp towards a refuge planet, then teleport its precious cargo to safety. She chose Midchilda, the home planet of the Lord she could not have, the world her family had fought for generations, and yet was the world she died fighting for.

While we shall leave the details of that last stand to another time, what happened on Midchilda was:

Cradle made the warp jump successfully, but ended up several strata underground, with the brunt of its armor and shields taking the sudden impact of teleporting into bedrock. It then performed its second command with the last of its mana reserves, and teleported all refugees packed into the transport chamber onto the desert surface. After that, self-protection systems, including signal camoflage, kicked in and the Cradle sealed itself into history.

As such, not only does no one know where the Cradle is exactly, the Cradle thus ended up several soil strata below ground!

A perfectly elegant answer, if I do say so myself. The only problem then arises from whether Capitalis Belka was on another planet in the first place.

Originally Posted by SpaceBrotha View Post
...Or the king ordered the cradle to be buried since it was an instrument of war, also a lost logia... And i think the belkans were quite fed up with both war and lost logias

Originally Posted by SpaceBrotha View Post
No one said that the war that destroyed belka didn't affect anyone else, perhaps other civilizations were also severely affected by the war (innocent bystanders, collateral damage), hence only little information would be left of ancient belka...

Originally Posted by Tormenk View Post
I would send this to the refinery..

..if not for all the cannons and artillery aiming for my head for starting this fire.
It's a perfectly alternative take on the events, and yeah there IS some backing for this crack, like Lingo mentioned, albeit the Wolkies and Kha didn't really have that convincing impact since we know so much about them already. I'd say Tk should grind us for trying to do that to the Cloudritters.

Originally Posted by SpaceBrotha View Post
So the Belkans was destroyed by Lost Logias as predicted, though by usage or rampage still remains unknown. And that Belkans had their planet brings in more wonderings. Hopefully at least established histories remain intact.
Mine is still ok, I think.

Originally Posted by SpaceBrotha View Post
Kha's got the idea fine but aside from short memories, wouldn't the tech available to them at least let them record something? It does smell of greater hands at work to keep the information secret, something like the brains or their predecessors might have done.
See above for why that could not have been so. I'm sure refugees don't have assets with them.

As for other evacuees, those who had Ancient Belka skills either died out over the years, or were erased from the face of the world having been picked up by Celestial Being.

Originally Posted by Erio View Post
Fishy as it may be, sounds like fun to me. I hope its true, just to see how it turns out.

And given selkirk's translation, apparently our "Extended Relic Weapons" will be officially succeeded... ...without the Relics, of course.
Wut? I need them to have Relics on top of drugs! A very crucial point to stop Nanoha from just bwahahaBREAKHAAA-ing Vivio comes from it!

Let's just quote from Tales of the Past here:

"Destroying such a magical artefact will release a lot of arcane energy at once."
~Jaina Proudmoore

Let's just say Kha found that out the hard way while fighting Clotho... So if it were Vivio...
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