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Originally Posted by Rembr View Post
Miyuki's just not as popular as the others. She's been touted as the moe machine inside the series, but she just pales in comparison to others. She also doesn't seem very deep, which probably hurt her in the polls.
She's still the funniest character I found. And she also has a less strictly moe antics side to her character. I would say that Tsukasa fills the straight up moe factor pretty much all the time followed by Konata, then Miyuki and then Kagami.

Konata I had mixed feelings about because of her tendency to be used a mouthpiece for certain real life products. Tsukasa was just sort of too ditzy for me to really grow attached to to any degree. Kagami was alright I think if exploited to much for the tsundere gag, but Miyuki had that sort of smarter then she looks, but ultimately clutzy character thing going that just ended in me getting more laughs out of her in the series early stretches then any other character. I noticed I tended to like and laugh at the series less the less screentime she got and the more Konata centric the series became. They just sort of overused Konata way to much in the latter episodes and marginalized a significant portion of the cast. I mean there's only so much interest I can take in a character that lives to buy Kadokawa Shoten merchandise and manifests as a glorified version of the Otaku's ideal girlfriend. Miyuki may not be deep, but I found her the least shallow and archetypal of the main group when I looked at her from a different perspective then what Konata pointed out.
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