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I don't expect nothing dramatic during their visit to Tokyo. As far as we know all 3 maidens/wifes never traveled any place far away from Island. They need to go to Tokyo to learn about environment where Dragon God was living before coming to Island, and how people are living and acting outside society where they're recognized as shrine maidens/god wifes.
One of qualities of UNM I value is slow but consequent progress of main characters relationship and their growth. It's slow, there is nothing dramatic, but it's happening in each chapter. It's more like for seinens (young adults 20-30) than shounens (teenagers). Nagi knows all the girls, he knows what motivates each one of maidens, even if he doesn't know all mysteries about them and Island. Girls, on the other hand, doesn't understand Nagi, he is still much more a Dragon God, not a teenager of their age. Each maiden should start to see Nagi as a boy, not religious figure. Yes, they're starting to love him as a man not as a good, but still him being a god is the reason why they're with him. Even with Mikes help they're not completely ready to fall for him as a human, not a god. They love him, but they're not ready to go against islanders beliefs for Nagi, maybe with Karin as an exception. IMO Mike and predicted visit in Tokyo will help the girls to recognize Nagi as a human.
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