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Curiously how well equipped is the IRGC compared to the rest of the standing army?
Much better...with copied Western equipment (hypocrites aren't they?).

I would say their Quds Forces (special forces arm) is as good as the SAS in terms of training doctrine, combat capability and fighting ability.

Their country is a very oppressive regime. I spoke to an Iranian foreign student before in one of our universities...his English is very fluent, and he claims that the "Americans are hypocrites" and that "their government is very good". I suspect that he might be a sleeper agent or AOI sent by their government, even some of his local Malay peers didn't quite like him (as much as our local Chinese don't like the mainlanders). What is more unique is that, he gives you a feel that he is naive or brainwashed.

And that is before the 2010 Feb protest at People's Park (a government mandated "protest area"). Naturally I believe the upper-class and lower-class would support their government, but the middle-class wouldn't be so supportive because they are technically stuck on that part of the social ladder. The lower-class are just brainwashed.

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