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Originally Posted by FDW View Post
The solution to americas energy problems is actually quite simple. Stop subsidizing a car-based lifestyle.
That's rather difficult considering how spread-out a lot of our cities are. For places like where I live--in the Bay Area--it's not that hard. Having a car here is kind of a bother with expensive parking, expensive gas and expensive insurance...

But when I lived in the South, you pretty much had to own a vehicle, or you couldn't get anywhere. Everything was so far apart.

Not to mention shipping. The solution is to throw massive resources into battery technology and EV research. America is to coal what the Middle East is to oil, so with electric cars, our need for oil drops to incredibly low levels, and we can still happily generate power while telling the Mideast to go fuck itself.

Also, build more nuclear power plants, and get rid of that stupid prohibition on reprocessing spent fuel rods.
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