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Originally Posted by digy
simple....the care about every single character...there are very few throw away characters...every battle you learn about the makes it very hard to "hate" anybody besides the ppl you are supposed to hate, oro....i think its just great writing when you can have threads about every single character....everybody has a favorite character....and if they don't see them again...they don't disappear....

and i think its funny that two of the most hated characters are meant to be the main characters, sasuke and sakura....but i think its just because there are so many other great characters.....even haku....he was only in the series in the beginning but people still love haku.... doubt

Agreed. the Characters. Naruto has great character development. (Although some are really useless *coughTenTen*cough) But most of have their own personalities and goals.

There is something I don't like about naruto though... Too many Flashbacks... way too many... the Neji one is cool, but remember when they went to protect that bridge guy? OMG that was the most annoying part in Naruto. I hate that stupid kid.

Sasuke most hated? What are you smoking? Sasuke is dope
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