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Since NoSanninWa didn't like the novel translation talks in the Q&A thread, I guess I'll post my reply here (I already typed it, might as well post it ^^; ).
Originally Posted by melange
I agree with Sushi-Y. Some of those sentences/concepts in all the denpa talk don't even feel like they belong in a 'light' novel.
It's not that bad all the time though, I only listed a few that happened to be particularly woozy to demonstrate my point. If you have enough patience, it's not impossible.

"I have caused a force field to occur on the surface of her body that carrys the effect of converting the phase of dimensional oscillication cycles and altering them into gravitational waves "

Oh yeah, I should probably hold back on typing Japanese in my posts here, apparently, I'm getting flamed on 2ch (of all places) for being some kind of elitist or something, ouch.

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