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I liked this one, there's not much action and I think it may conflict with the real storyline in that: a. I thought Gaara could just use any sand, not just the sand in his gourd and b. I thought Gaara was always using Shukaku's chakra, even if he didn't want to (wasn't there a flashback once showing Gaara trying to cut himself or something but the sand wouldn't let him?). But a few key scenes make up for that... for one, seeing the Gaara/Shukaku form again, another was the new villain's voice (sounds like some kind of Japanese announcer or something), and of course the previews for the next episode.

I just hope (and doubt) we get some Kyuubi vs. Shukaku fight 'til someone drops, and no "But Gaara! You're my bestest friend in the whole world!!11!! So please don't eat me!"
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