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what I've been wondering is this, and I donlt know if I;m the only one here. but:

In all the past episodes we've seen countless times where naruto uses the Taju Kage Bunshin and Rasengan and in many cases on pretty pointless occasions at that.
so.. in this most important fight.. to save a most precious comrade.. where are they all of a sudden?.. I mean.. He normally mindlessly charges into a fight and throws those moves around ar the first sight of trouble or to stir some tea and now he is digging into the ground, scratching and stabbing an iron cage and being all out thrashed..

Isn't this a perfect time for these moves? I was really expecting there'd be at least 20 attempts at rasengan or at least 500 million naruto clones to save his precious comrade..
Was there no money left for a blue swirly ball of energy to be animated, or is he going to do something magical with his sweat again? is he on a kage bunshin and rasengan break?

They use it in pointless ways.. and now when it counts they don't?
I mean, really.. come on here..
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