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Originally Posted by FatPianoBoy View Post
No, I read it raw.
I still can't find the other two chapters of the first manga (Tenshi no Sentaku and Kaminoko) as well as the one-shot Tenshi no Itazura in any language, though. If anyone knows scanlations of them, feel free to make the rest of us privy. If they're not in English (likely), however... well, we can't ask for raws, but it'd sure be something if url's started appearing in my pm box
I have them all; just wait till I have time to upload them.
Originally Posted by FatPianoBoy View Post
Translation of Chronology is done; guaranteed 80% accurate. It was hard to make sense of the idea of some of them, and I probably made a couple of errors, so feel free to correct anything you notice. Free to repost anywhere as long as you don't try to pass it off as yours.
EDIT: Ok, I translated the paragraph you left out; hope is accurate enough.

Some corrections on your translation (my changes are italicized). Additional clarifications in brackets:
Spoiler for Chronology of Blue Drop:

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